How fingerprint scanner works/How do finger touch sensors work in mobile phones? Fingerprint scanner

How fingerprint scanner works

Nowadays, almost all mobile phones are coming, you will be able to see the fingerprint sensor and you must have wondered how it works in the phone by scanning our finger and when we use the finger of the other hand. Then our phone does not unlock. Fingerprint scanner enhances the security of your mobile. Today in this article, we will tell you how fingerprint sensors work and what are the types of them.
How do finger touch sensors work in mobile phones

The photo of your finger gets captured in it and whenever you insert your finger to unlock your mobile, the phone is unlocked by matching your fingerprint and line in that photo. Usually, this technique confirms our fingerprint by taking and comparing the photo of our finger. So this is how the optical fingerprint scanner works.

1. Optical Fingerprint Scanner

As shown in the photo above, you can see that there is an LED light on one side and a lace on the other side so that whenever you verify your fingerprint for the fingerprint sensor, the camera sensor takes a picture with the help of the light source It can later verify and unlock your phone. This is a very old technology that is not so safe. In this, one can unlock your phone using the image of fingerprint and nowadays it is not used in any smartphone.

2. Capacitive fingerprint scanner

It is a fairly advanced technology that uses capacitive plates and capacitors instead of image cancer. As you can see in the photo above. Simply put, it stores the space between your fingerprint line and your lines in an electronic charge capacitor, like when you place your finger on a capacitive plate, the conductor plate is on your finger line and your line There will be space between Store the various electronics charge, which will then be verified by the store charge and unlock your phone. In this type of scanner, several capacitors are installed with the help of which your fingerprint can be saved and high capacitor also gives its high accuracy. So that your mobile security can increase further. This technology is very expensive and is used in today's mobiles.

3. Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

This is the latest technology created by the company of Qualcomm Snapdragon. This is a 3D fingerprint technology that has been used in Le Max Pro smartphones. The hardware of this technique consists of an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. The ultrasonic transmitter sends some signals when you place your finger on the scanner. Which touches your finger, some of which is left on the finger and the remaining signal is returned and the receiver receives the returned signal and creates a 3D image from it. In this way, you have fingerprint store and verification in your mobile and after that your phone is unlocked.

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